Properties Test Method Unit Quantity
Appoarance dencity D-1895 g/ml 0.9
Density D-1895 g/ml 1.35
Compretion ratio D-1895 1.5
Shrinkage D-955 % .25
Water Absorption D-570 % .4
Impact strength D-256 Kj/m2 .2
Surface resistance D-257 3.016 x 10^7
Volume resistance D-257 9.09 x 10^6
Moulding Temprature ….. C2 150-160
Moulding pressure ….. Kg/cm2 200

phenolic moulding power:(bakalit)

phenolic Mouding Compounds have excellent heat resistance, mechanical strength and electrical properties and are used in electronics and industrial market for many years.

paking:25kg net bag

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